Pastoral Baptismal Robes

$120.00 $69.00 (Tax Exempt)
Weight: 3lb
Width: 3in
Height: 3in
Length: 3in
Adult Robe Size * Adult Robe Size
Fabric Colors * Fabric Colors
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weighted or unweighted * weighted or unweighted
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  •  Pastor Baptismal Robes are convenient and ready to use.
  • They are also great for pictures and/or video during baptismal services.
  • 100% Polyester Poplin. 
  • Machine wash/dry. Long lasting fabric.
  • Long Sleeve
  • Fully weighted hem helps robe from floating.
  • Long zipper for easy in/out of the robe.
  • Your choice of color. See our selection of Colors *You can color coordinate with church interiors.

Pastoral Baptismal Robe  $70.00
Full sleeve with elastic band (Pastoral Robes Only)
Option of weighted or unweighted (Pastoral Robes Only)
Add lining to the Pastoral Baptismal Robe for an additional $25.00.

Size Chart..

All Adult Robes
Robe Size Chest Length Sleeve Length

XXX Large 54-56 58" 27 1/2"
XX Large 50-52 57" 26"
X Large 46-48 55" 26"
Large 42-44 53" 25 1/2 "
Medium 38-40 51" 24 1/2"
Small 34-36 49" 24"

Measuring for Robes....

Back Length:
From large bone in back of neck measure down to length.

Sleeve Length:
From shoulder bone measure down to wrist.
Note: to find shoulder point, raise the arm to shoulder level. A dimple will form at the shoulder bone. This is the place to measure from.

Measure around the fullest part.

Fabric Colors.

Pastoral Baptismal Robes color chart




White - Blue Teal - Green Teal - Light Royal - Dark Royal - Purple - Hunter - Navy - Black -Burgundy - Red – Ivory

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