Adult Church Choir Robe

$100.00 $70.00 (Tax Exempt)
Weight: 3lb
Width: 3in
Height: 3in
Length: 3in
Adult Robe Size * Adult Robe Size
Fabric Colors * Fabric Colors
Put Customized Size In Text Box Below (+$10.00)To Customized your robes select Custom Size from drop down box and fill in this box with (1) Back Length ( 2 ) Sleeve Length ( 3 ) Chest Size. - Thank You
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We offer Adult, Youth, and Kindergarten Choir Robes. Stoles purchased seperately. Custom sizes are available. Please call or email for more information.

Modest Apparel Robes which improve the musical program
are apreciated by the Choir and Congregation members.
Our Robes are handsome, long wearing fabrics and easy to care for.

Choir, Chorale and Drama Robes are very importer in the
unity of dress and apparence.
Choir Robes gives the performer a greater desire to do their best.

Dianne Moss

  • Choir Robes are convenient and ready to use.
  • They are also great for pictures and/or video during services.
  • 100% Polyester Poplin. 
  • Can be machine wash. Professional cleaning and pressing is recommended.
  • Three Stoles to choose from. Purchase extra stoles to create a new look.
  • Seperated zipper for easy in/out of the robe.
  • Your choice of colors.  *Color coordinate with church interiors.
  • Adult Choir Robe                 $70.00
    Youth Choir Robe                $65.00
    Kindergarten Choir Robe     $60.00
    Stoles                                   $15.00
  • Please see size chart to choose the correct size
  • Note:
    We have a no refund policy on our choir robes. We recommend that you order one robe to make sure this is what you want before placing an order for the entire choir. If you are unhappy with the one robe we will refund your money on the one robe only. This eliminates a lot of hassle and makes it easier for you and your choir, knowing you are getting what you want. We will ship the one robe right away for your convenience.

Size Chart/...

Size Chart..

All Adult Robes
Robe Size Chest Length Sleeve Length

XXX Large 54-56 58" 27 1/2"
XX Large 50-52 57" 26"
X Large 46-48 55" 26"
Large 42-44 53" 25 1/2 "
Medium 38-40 51" 24 1/2"
Small 34-36 49" 24"

Fabric Colors......

Fabric Colors,

Adult Church Choir Robe color chart



White - Blue Teal - Green Teal - Light Royal - Dark Royal - Purple - Hunter - Navy - Black -Burgundy - Red – Ivory

Measuring Robes..

Measuring for Robes

Back Length:
From large bone in back of neck measure down to length.

Sleeve Length:
From shoulder bone measure down to wrist.
Note: to find shoulder point, raise the arm to shoulder level. A dimple will form at the shoulder bone. This is the place to measure from.

Measure around the fullest part.

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